Short Stories

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Ghostly Presence

Focused on memory flashes of historyPassing me vividly leaving no empathyMy past is agony haunting me heavilyThis is my destiny that is what scares meSo as each day passes I evade the massesStay out their path, hope I have castAway at last but despair amassedAll alone with no home to call my ownBut my vicinity…

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Dream a little Dream

Another day unwinds witnessed the difference in timesAgain I speak my mind and again a reply declinesStaring into a world obscene and impureThe levitating angel should whisper a cureBut his silence is golden and remains unbrokenHis presence alone a token so no words are spokenThe women to my right stand in absence of frightTheir clothing…

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2 sides 1 story

Another night I spend in frightIn the absence of light I lack all mightTo fight my disease I drop to my kneesTo say my pleas and instead of pleaseI simply ask forgive meI cry day after day aimlessly wandering through my dismayUnable to hear the words that courage would sayAddicted to the pay the rush…

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Through My Eyes

His shoes are covered with snowUnmoved by it, he follows this glowThis ever present glory of lightDiminishes all frightBut his senses give a heedA painful gut feeling which he will needTo ensure his safetyHis soul and his bodyThus the stick, however useless it may beUnable to see meBut I’m certain he suffers the agonyWhich I…

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