The mind of madness

My violent intrusion caused chaotic confusion
Death by what they would deem an illusion
Pure irritation by their hesitation of believing their devastation
At the hands of nature’s most deadliest creation
My flight ignited fright
Amazement by this sight
Screams of fear vibrated so clear
That one moment I held so dear
Before I drank their blood and broke their necks
Left some breathing to live with a complex
So as I raise my glass to toast to the night
I look at the moon saying let me die in your light

Flashes of my acts now envelope my memory
Grinning to their deaths as I swim in their agony
A church filled with believers disturbed during their praying
As I slam the door shut I can sense their prayers saying
WHAT THE FUCK was that
As they look at me I look back
My body levitates gravity loses its grip on me
They stand up in shock scared to the brink of pure insanity
I now fly straight forward to consume my first prey
Grab him … take him up with me bite his neck and say
All day you pray I am proof it is no use … where is your god now
Suck him empty let my head fall back and scream WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW
This starts a stampede among those below me
There is no escape they will realize this slowly

I continue my rampage until 5 are left standing
1 is the priest he moves his lips something he is saying
Boils my blood … but I listen to the words he is uttering
A psalm of the bible its effective even though he is stuttering
Within a second I’m in front of him and look in his eyes
As his hope starts to crumble and his faith slowly dies
I scream to the other 4 leave now and tell this horrid tale
Release the seal on the door as the priest looks more and more pale
Cut his neck and fill the glass which is meant for their sacred wine
I now step outside thinking to myself this entire night is mine

With my raised glass to the dark sky
I ask how many more most die
Before I can leave this place and look my maker in his face
5 churches in one month 15 next one if I keep this pace
I want deaths kiss … release from this hell on earth
I want peace this hunger to cease my soul’s new birth
SO GOD if you want this to stop intervene at any time
No human can stop me success will become mine
I will eradicate every believer or die
God you can stop me easy all you need to do is try
I am the last of my kind the lingering thread to a dying breed
God read my mind sever my head make not my body but my soul bleed
I grow tired of being alone and I can’t kill myself due to that woman’s curse
At first being a vampire is fun but loneliness grows and keeps getting worse
I look at the sky and simply stare at the moon
As my feelings tell me death is coming soon
So I vow as I vowed once before
The deaths of believers will become more
If you don’t stop me humanity will forget you
Out of fear I will force them to forget you

The clouds open as thunder fills the night
The vampire known as Alucard welcomes this sight
Whispering “you’re finally doing something right”

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