I’m sorry I left things the way they are
its driving me crazy chasing that star
things that crossed my path opened my eyes
emotions got tossed by telling lies
I now find myself on the same path as before
the same feeling of wealth teasing my core
my soul is dancing a dance of smiles and laughter
cause I’m getting close to the thing I’m after
tears filled with fantasies forgotten
screams of agony caress a soul so rotten
Freak abomination names given to my person
irritation frustration released when I hurt em
another town left in snow to dwell in darkness
walk away slow contemplating if I’m heartless
dagger in my hand blood covering the blade
how many souls must I take for my debt is paid
I was experimented upon because of my look
so its thanks to them I walk with a psycho’s look
they released her they released her voice
so every city I enter I am left with no choice
she keeps telling me I owe her we’ll never be apart
unless I move like a dark entity and cut out hearts
so every city I enter I am left with no choice
I don’t want to do it but rage triggers her voice
and every place is filled with hate towards me
comments on my face from alien to ugly
I couldn’t help it I was born this way
so from this path I will not go astray
I know that if I continue long enough
I will die they will find me soon enough
I have created 2 ghost towns thus far
thanks to you I have been able to come this far
humanity hurt me its only right I do it back
dignity and honor push me forward like wind in my back
so on to the next village where my hope resides
they will accept me as me not snuff me to the side
this puts a smile on my face as the next town is not far
all the while she is silent looking at me dressed like a star
I feel safe knowing your watching me
I will make them pay for taking you from me
they injected you with stuff found within a meteor
they infected the child within you just cause you were poor
you needed the money they said it would do no harm
made me feel funny from the inside … damn mom
I miss you but will do what’s right
I escaped that place they put up quite a fight
but now let’s get to where we need to be
I hope I won’t get mad I seriously hope they will accept me

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