The … Never Lies

His First Appearance

Horrid screams bellow through the room
As if doom had decided to gloom over to soon
Scaring what little hope remained into a shallow corner
His mental state frail edged to its final border
His heart pounded as if trying to escape his chest
Yet the screams sounded as if he wore them as a crest
As if the sheer hatred embodied by the treble
Was victory an achievement unknown to any level
Disfigured, scarred beyond any recognition
His presence took horrid to a new definition
His adrenaline pumping to such an extent
It burned through his veins as they felt bent
Unnatural teeth sawed for maximum grip
His eyes now flawed … his sanity slipped
Unable to swing his arms as they were bound
Unable to see stars as if placed in a cloud
He sat on an open field grass surrounded his being
His screams would not yield as did what he was seeing
Wind caressed his rough skin he did not feel a thing
Not the beams of the moon or hear the trees sing
He obsession was complete his fury was heat
Unable to look away unable to speak
Only screams would glide past his charred lips
His hair gone replaced with antenna like tips

Tubes in his neck ran through his back
Vaporized his blood to steam as the sky took it back

See what he sees

He had not seen his own reflection
For a period so long it stated intention
He did not want to see what he had become
Of his own free will unable to run
They wanted the perfect soldier he was their shot
Incapable of remorse and bloodlust he now got
Held him in a cell, tortured and mentally weakened
Fed raw meat a single ray of light his only beacon
To the outside to humans to beasts and to death
He had forsaken all hope, wishing each was his last breath
That was what they wanted that’s what they needed
No sacrifice big enough to warning was heeded
After 2 years of experiments he was finally ready
Let outside to see if their beast was steady
Let alone no hands, just his teeth and wit
A candle was placed and also lit
A mirror stood behind it, as he looked, it stared back
His eyes closed one line came to him as all was black
You should have never had signed that contract


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