Through My Eyes

His shoes are covered with snow
Unmoved by it, he follows this glow
This ever present glory of light
Diminishes all fright
But his senses give a heed
A painful gut feeling which he will need
To ensure his safety
His soul and his body
Thus the stick, however useless it may be
Unable to see me
But I’m certain he suffers the agony
Which I beam unconsciously
Thus the stick, however useless it may be
His curiosity is peaking in all its splendor
His will to push forward in all its grandeur
Deserves nothing less, then my admiration
Innocence knows no hesitation
His pure fixation with my shine
Has cluttered his simple mind
Thus your effort to delude my prize is in vain
I will leave behind a smirk and my name
Because this valley of death is without security
Every breath is mine, even light is no longer my enemy
I will not carry his spirit to hell
He will accompany me as soon as he whispers Azazel
It is written in snow and is the source of this glow
Many have fallen this way, another will be added today
Your flaps of white grace will not cause disarray
Leave this place as it’s my domain
All those who cross it, will say my name
Or befall a faith worse than damnation
With no haste I shall inflict devastation
Torture you, until anguish, torment, agony
Grief and pain become you
His pure soul is mine
Not the devils so leave behind your fragrance of divine
But be gone from my sight
For this evening is another unholy night
Come my child, no need to fight
We shall dance under this pale moonlight

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