Dream a little Dream

Another day unwinds witnessed the difference in times
Again I speak my mind and again a reply declines
Staring into a world obscene and impure
The levitating angel should whisper a cure
But his silence is golden and remains unbroken
His presence alone a token so no words are spoken
The women to my right stand in absence of fright
Their clothing represents light their unity is might
But decadence can be seen as I stand in between
Of a scene which resembles a dream of a lesbian teen
I stand alone in the middle with my stomach full grown
Not fitting into their trinity … no I am alone
Then to my left is cruelest display of them all
A cold shoulder turned to a helping call
As darkness takes form and tries to envelope her soul
She screams to a deaf ear release from her pain her goal
But the person she desperately grabs onto so seems uncaring
Staring into something I think is her own problems she is baring
Preventing her from giving a helping hand … some aid
To think that all this was planned by whom this world was made
It must have been a man … from what I derive this you ask
He seems unnecessary as if filling this world is his task
Reaching for the stars carrying a weapon of death
All these words I say are beneath my breath
It feels as if I have been carrying this child for ages
All my unheard words could fill a thousand pages
A moment in time created by the greatest of mind
A piece left behind to shine and for you to find
These words have been repeated and said a dozen times over
But no vibrations are given I finally see things sober
In my mind is where I say it and only there are they heard
In the centuries I’ve been here every word has occurred
So many faces faced me tried to analyze my worth
But I am a hidden secret steadily growing since birth
But you will take a quick glance brush me off, leave me alone
Not knowing that being a soul trapped in a painting is hell on its own

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