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I would please the sky with whispers of serenity … I would walk on clouds to obtain a calmness that would equal your kiss … so that I could give it to you so you could see the mind state you put me in … I would delicately rub your pain until it becomes too…

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Before it starts

I can feel his eyes in the back of my head Hear his tales of the times we had Sense him nurture the urge till the red zone Catch him flipping through numbers in my phone Noticed the shift of my own perception That is how it starts My definition of beauty doesn’t change it…

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What I would do

If you would cry I would be your cheek If you would smile I would like to be the reason If the sun would stop I would bless you with compliments until you could take its place It’s not that I love you but you have a special place in the room which is my…

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Why is it?

Could it be the air that fills my lunges with stagnant stale failure to overcome Could it be these walls that surround me, trapping my freedom, restricting my places to run Or maybe it’s the people, with their consistent bickering stench of negativity and dependence on me The streets I have always walked on, so…

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This is me

My throat fills with the pain of loneliness… With all my smooth words and all my fancy maneuvers, I always seem to escape love’s kiss… My thoughts seem focused on one kiss… My mind keeps asking my heart why we fear this… This emotion that can run to the inner corners of your soul… With…

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Writers Block

There is this wall in front of me Brittle, decayed yet sturdy Each brick a challenge, stacked till the sky A perfect circle of stone designed to let me die The angle of its design genius, it’s always sunless Yet the dark is thick enough to gently caress My mind is blank, my scenery is…

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