Suicidal Failure

Tearful screams of agony fill the atmosphere
As the picture once more becomes vividly clear
Light finally shines I’m no longer naked in darkness
No more cracked lines of light but I still feel hopeless
Cause the entity which accompanied me with a dreadful melody
Is no longer musically but insanity now envelopes this monstrosity
The tune he used to whistle was unknown
But every note sent a sensation thought my bones
And every time in slumber I submerge
To this place that thing and a unknown urge
Been that way ever since that faithful day
I kissed the cheek of devil just to fade away
Two weeks and every night he gets closer to me
I feel weak and this fright is driving me crazy
It started with him knocking on the wood
From that to rage full hits it didn’t feel good
Ever since he broke down those walls
A chill down my spine as I swear I can hear him call
What the fuck do you want from me
Such profanity towards me who embodies your sanity
What the hell are you and what do you mean
I am the final urge the ultimate desire your untold dream
What the fuck are you talking about
I am he who can make angels scream and shout
…… Did I bring you back with me when I went there???
Touching the pool of truth is not enough look into it if you dare
Are you a demon I brought back with me from hell
That is a story told from idle lips that is all I can tell
Then what are you
I don’t get you
Visualize a painting of just me and you
And then what
Watch the picture unfold to tell you what is true
What are you talking about cause I don’t have a clue
Give me 7 days to reach your spirit and all will be clear
So it will take you seven steps by hand to get here
When I do watch me diminish all those who stood against you
That may be true but what if I don’t want to
Suicide allowed you to see
A place forgotten by those who deem themselves heavenly
Never will u return never will u find joy in the simple things
You now are accustomed to screams blood and hellish things
The closer I get the more you realize it
You are now a born killer accept it

Usually surviving suicide brings u tranquility
But serenity seems to be misplaced with me
I tried to hang myself but was saved in the nick of time
Hatred towards humanity was all that was in my mind
They cursed my every step ridiculed my every move
Wouldn’t even let me die they want to see me lose
But what they don’t know is that I did die for one second
I visited hell and my hatred became a solid weapon
But before I could yield my sword of emotion
I was pulled back and my sword became my devotion
Which slowly creeps back into its rightful place
Cause coming back made it disappear without a trace
But now it has found me and I can see its right
We are one and the same so no use to fight
What will be will be
But after this week the world will get to know me

Suicidal Failure

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