Eve stands in front of the tree and looks at the apple as I appear

Hey, how are you … Eve is it?
Even though you don’t know me how would u like to take a trip
a journey with your mind and body
and all you gotta do is listen to me
I can grant you bliss beyond believe
I can give you joy … a constant relieve
how would you like a sensation in your belly
see these apples they are miracles in a small shape that’s what God told me
I ate one just a second ago and I’m still in awe over its great sensation
he told you, you couldn’t have one, that’s a joke he likes to do that every occasion
why would he show you what you couldn’t have or cannot take
the very entity that created you can’t be that cruel … no not him, not one so great
Why create food that you can’t eat or taste … does that sound like a good plan
no, it doesn’t, does it … he placed it in the middle of the garden so take it… you can
it will take you places that love cannot
trust me it’s like a pleasing breeze when you feel hot
its a kiss when you feel lonely
that’s why He said you can’t have it …

So when you take it you feel so much better you did … Trust me
and if he gets mad you can say it’s my fault … blame it on me
but darling really something so pretty… how can you leave it be
can’t you hear it … the wind carries its whisper of your name to my ear
if you come closer to me you can also hear it my dear
*steps closer*
yes that’s it … do you hear it now
your right under an apple can you smell its sweet aroma …wow
look up … can you see that the one you’re under is ripe it is done
the stem it’s hanging on is releasing its gonna fall you should take it down before it falls and gets dirty … God won’t like a dirty apple even though it’s just one
*takes it down*
your holding the power of life all you have to do is take a bite
your holding pleasure all you have to do is take a bite
you’re holding a good life for all your children all you have to do is take a bite
your holding the entrance to heaven all you have to do is take a bite
*puts it to her lips*
can you feel your lips tingle at the mere touch
can you feel your brain release a pure enjoyment can you feel the rush
and that without actually tasting or swallowing it
are you ready for what is to come when you bite into it
try it do feel it taste it
*bites, chews, swallows*
now that you know how it feels how it goes
go tell your other half what he does not yet know
because as you see God did not punish you
he is NOT mad

because he is happy that his human kind is to not follow like weak creatures

but is able to do to
now go tell your man what good you have done
and let God also be proud of his son
*goes to tell Adam*
*I smile*

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