Rotting Inside Out

The moonlight glistens through the braches, as Francis whispers to Tom “go in”
The wind seems to sing, an eerie melody as Jason’s mind goes empty
Staring at a house abandoned for an unknown time, yet has a brand new sign
Tom replies “now way man, you go first” the house seems to react to this outburst
As the fence opens itself, or so it would seem,
the kids now enter into what feels like a dream
But it is Tom’s reaction that brings back Jason’s attention to his peers
as his eyes gain tears
And they open up fully as he whispers,
“was that light on when we got here, tell me???”
No reply is given, as a fog emitting,
From the grounds of the mansion covers them from the waist down
Now the winds eerie sound seems to howl and its presence seems to pound
In the skull of the three who would swear they knew this house to be empty
But in front of the light they didn’t notice at the beginning
In combo with the winds grunt, they saw a shadow moving
All of them hoping their mind is playing tricks
Cause 14 year old kids are able to go through this

Jason intrigued by the possibility of a ghostly presence
Says “let’s all go in at the same time, we ain’t pussy” and with this essence
They enter, knees clicking, heart fast ticking, eyes shifting, courage drifting
But surely going into the place which makes Halloween exciting
Their first sight is a stairway, old and shaky covered in webs
“Is this it???” Jason say’s bold and bravely, unable to comprehend what he said
The others look shaken and disturb at their friend
Their soul drenched in fear as Francis whispers “a Halloween well spend”
“Now let’s get out of here before we get in trouble”
Silence covers the entire room except for the bursting of a bubble
It came from the corner, but all three are in the middle of the room
Who is this foreigner blowing bubbles, in this kind of gloom
As they turn their head slowly, ever so slowly
Afraid of what they will see, they see a girl sitting with a bruised body

Their screams in sync bellow loud enough to wake the dead
But the wind drowns out their sound, their hearts pacing like mad
They now run for the door but it closes as they near it
They shake the handle with all their might, hoping freedom is what they get
Instead a low hiss coming from behind enters their ears
Fear again clutches their mind as all their color disappears
They look back, throwing their back against the door
And there it is, that which promises more

Once again they scream until their lungs are close to bursting
Jason runs away, not worried about his friends still screaming
Looking for a way out he runs without looking down
A window, a hole anything to get out, despair disabled his ability to hear sound
The cracking of wood escaped him without fail
His friends now right behind him, hot on his trail
Jason stops right on time, as his senses warned him to stop
The hole in front of him would have been his last drop
The cracking is now realized by all three, as they stand next to one another
Breathing crazy looking from the sides of their eyes at their fearless brother
The cracking is now to close to ignore, it seems to be coming from the floor
An easy deduction but in this house it means so much more
So again, slowly ever so slowly they look down
And again they see the source of this unearthly sound

Tom passes out, Francis catches him before he hits the ground
But now the cracking is replaced by a pound
Footsteps, thumping their way to their scream
Jason stuck in the image of the ghoul in the ground, is taken to his extreme
His mind one vision away from breaking, is now taking in overtime
As the clanging of chains is coming into his mind
But as quick as it came it stops, but in response the temperature drops
A freezing cold clutches their spirit in its grip
As a heavy breathing, deadly in presence, seems to slip from someone lip
All three not looking at what is in front, now do so
Jason’s mind now breaks, his sanity simply lets go
Francis unable to scream anymore, is frightened to his core
Tom still passed out, is unable to witness this eye sore

The demon bawls in a tone not from this earth
“Leave now, or be turned to earth”
With these words Francis and Jason’s minds go blank
The darkness consumed them, in the abyss they sank
But they emerged within seconds, although it seemed very long
And guess where they found themselves, yes on the very sidewalk they started on
All awake and all unharmed, yet still alarmed
As they seem to realize they were simply charmed
All three at the same time taken into one dream
A Halloween not to forget if you know what I mean

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