January 11, 2024

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The Tale of Whispers

fear envelops me as I lay tied to our bedinscriptions cover me from legs to headthe scent of blood rises from these symbolsas my vision gets clear… my hope crumbleshope … this is a dream and not the devil’s lairI’d sigh with relief if this were a nightmarethen slowly but surely a silhouette appearscreepy and…

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I don’t know

I don’t know what other dreams I can give you I don’t know what other words can stay true I don’t know how to create another dream to achieve I don’t know how to stay when I want to leave I don’t know what to write feels like I wrote it all I don’t know…

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These Damn Poets

They lined the framework of my wordplay They manipulate the sentences I say Reorder my letters, restamp my syllables Correct my multis, make my lines creditable They demonstrated the pictures I illustrated To verify that I would see why the wings on my pieces no longer fly They diamond plated my bars, platinum gilded my…

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Chance after chance

You dreamt we were together We hoped it would get better, struggled through issues Your tears were met by tissues My fears were met by reality And now the puddle of affection runs empty Scars run deeper than any vocabulary dare express The chances for love have just become one less Shards of dreams lay…

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You love I

You are so sexy, the way you stand there and perform, is heavenly So self-assured, so confident yet not cocky The way your pink lips exhale galaxies for me to get lost in I let go, and float on the flow of your words my mind the ship The way you create life from a…

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