The Tale of Whispers

fear envelops me as I lay tied to our bed
inscriptions cover me from legs to head
the scent of blood rises from these symbols
as my vision gets clear… my hope crumbles
hope … this is a dream and not the devil’s lair
I’d sigh with relief if this were a nightmare
then slowly but surely a silhouette appears
creepy and scary as if death was near
he must be the culprit who did this to me
I scream “you piece of shit release me”
as my words escape my lips he looks away
within an instant, he turns back and says “ok”
now a grin is visible on that which I would deem a face
moonlight comes in … and my heart quickens its pace
it’s him … in shock, I ask “what kind of game is this”
“this is not funny now release me, Chris”
he comes closer with a knife in his right hand
I struggle to break my bonds but only hurt my hands
in his left hand a book from which he reads … focused and unbroken
his left hand is bleeding he then says “it’s useless I need a token”
“you have been chosen my mind and soul are now open “
as he then whispers in a dialect unknown to man
he slowly raises his right hand
my eyes open to their fullest extent as I scream “nooooooo”
he raises his head and says “it’s time I let you go”

he plunges the knife in her heart she dies on the spot
he took her life his can now start power he has now got

with my blood, I write your coming and your name
with this sacrifice, I’ll be relieved from pain
the knife which cut me shall cut through her flesh
her life and body will revitalize me till I’m fresh
a fresh young born … pure and tainted at the same time
no longer scorn … accepted even if hatred fills my mind
for 21 years she held me close was the woman in my life
I’ve shed 21 tears while planning and holding this knife
but this needs to be done for me to become myself
I slipped drugs in her glass when she went to reach for the top shelf
knocked her out … gave me the chance to tie her to the bed
I’m the reason her husband is dead
I did the same to him only to find I need a couple
the book is written chaotic but I needed double
I will follow this book to the very last letter
it promises me to increase my abilities to make me better
be more than a man a demon if you will
only requirements are that you kill
then and only then will your mind be able to see it
feel it handle it most importantly control it
but it must be one you love
no I mean 2 you love must be sent above
this will be my second I’m so happy I can cry
first my dad and now my mom will die
but I know they will gladly give their life to make me immortal
so eagerly I push the knife through her belly to open the portal

he plunges the knife in her heart she dies on the spot
he took her life his can now start power he has now got

he was found the next day the couple killer died
in an unusual manner, he committed suicide
found next to him was a book called “the devil is nothing but a story to tell”
on the last page on the last sentence it said:

this will only be applied once you reach hell

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