21 stories. Each story has its own theme song. Each chapter has its own visual representation. Follow our hero’s past and tribulations as he makes his way to Cake Island. Demons, pillow fights, angry dolphins, and much more. A wild ride embedded with a wide range of imagination and fantasy. Having fun and growth is what this journey is all about.

Kymani is a young mermaid who enjoys adventure. She loves the journey as much as she loves reaches her goals. So when she hears about an amazing party that only those with the perfect dress can attend, she decides she wants to go.

Using her magical map, she locates potential dresses. Each dress brings its own adventure and complications. Some dresses hurt, some just aren’t suitable for certain occasions.
A poetry book based on what the writer saw as he looked inside himself. Each poem is a reflection of the emotions that drove his actions. Each word carefully crafted to find a better understanding of himself. He shares this work in the hopes that it will help you find yourself as well. Writing is one of the ways people can see what they think or who they are. Call it inspirational, inner reflection or peaceful meditative writing. The writer just hopes that this book is helpful in some way shape or form.
The book is divided into three chapters, each chapter shows the reader a different heart. The first heart is one falling in love, the second is in love and the third fell out of love. I wrote this for her takes the reader through a journey of excitement, joy, pain, regret, and loss. The cycle those unfortunate in love have to go through every time they try their hands at it.
The story of a young boy who is trying to find his place in his class. Making new friends can be hard for some kids. This is the tale of Raiz as he learns to deal with this own fears.
ABC is the second collection of stories. Each story is written in a poetic format. The stories cover a wide array of topics and angles. Some of the points made are a bit Crazy But they are Agreeable because they come from a creative point of view that is based logic. Vino Venitas did his utmost best to make sure he improved as a writer and enhanced his abilities to convey his thoughts and points more clearly.
“Where are my cookies?” is the story of a Maglana who is a young mushroom who finds his cookies stolen. He of course is very angry and follows the crumbs left by the thief. Once he finds them something magical happens.
The story of a young crayon that loves drawing. His favorite thing to draw is cubes. But then because everyone around him tells him that he needs to draw something else.
The journey of a young girl as she becomes the most beautiful girl in the world. Chosen by the purity of her soul and judged by who she is and not what she has. 
DEF – Destroying Every Fear is the second installment in this series. These books will be released in succession until we reach Z. This book is filled with short stories inspired by real-life experiences, beautiful scenes that left an impression, stories heard, and of course in that dark place in the mind where imagination resides. Some stories will enlighten you, other will sadden you, whereas other will require you to think for yourself.
The journey of a small cute mushroom as he helps 4 dragons find their way home. A tale about finding what you love.
Two poets pen the passionate pulsations of the heart. Feel each throbbing experience roused by love, loss, finding one’s self, acceptance and the desire to move on. Their art and poetry harvests the highlights of the human condition.
This book is a collection of sixty different short stories written by Vino Venitas. These tales are all fiction yet could all be excerpts from real-life situations. Topics ranging from concepts such as the mind state of a blind dancer to rape under peer pressure. The greater part of these stories are written in rhyming form, which gives it a poetic edge. The emotions and underlying thoughts of these stories are seemingly black and cynical. Shining a light on the darker side of humanity is the writer’s way of expressing his creativity. 
Most people would agree that books hold a wealth of knowledge. But for Traza, they were more than that – they were his life lessons.
Traza was a boy who, from a very early age, loved to read books. He read everything he could get his hands on, and as he grew older, he began to see the value in the lessons the books were teaching him.
The six gods of death come together for a once-in-a-century meeting. The meeting quickly turns ugly and a bet is wagered. Lives are placed as mere tokens for the bet. Find out the horror that will be brought forth. With the rise of A.I. as a plausible method to making art, I felt the need to put it to the test. I dug in my writing archive and picked a story that has always been one of my favorites. Tales of Grimm was a story that I felt was descriptive enough to not be drowned out my adding art to it. And the story and characters almost felt like they were begging to be given life. I have to say that using A.I. to bring a story to life is awesome. The ability to bypass artists and speed up the process of creation, is amazing. I hope you enjoy the story and the art that came with.
The story of how duality came to blows with itself. The ideas of fulfilling dreams versus that of letting someone achieve their dreams through their own effort. Using A.I. generators to create concepts and workout ideas is both fun and easy. It eliminates the need for expensive tools or resources and gives me a plethora of images to choose from. I fully understand that this new technology is upsetting for artists, but the freedom it gives to writers like me is beautiful.
I hope you enjoy the book and the art.