Are you serious?

There she is a part of me, that for eternity will make me happy

Running elegantly, such beauty, loving her is easy

But why is she running, and what is she holding

It looks red … nah, Eve wouldn’t be that defying

Sweetheart calm down, we have eternity why hurry

You can … hold up, is that … don’t tell me

No you didn’t, you strolled out the garden, to find a similar one

Please tell me that’s what you have done

She holds the apple behind her back, looks at him with eyes of fear

Terror slowly grabs his heart as he tells her come near

He grabs the apple from her back, and sees she took a bite of it

The sparkles and radiance it emits just won’t quit

This is without a doubt, one from THE tree

He looks back at her with eyes far removed from happy

He’s at a loss for words, and his vocabulary is rich

Emotions boiled over, giving birth to this … you BITCH

Do you have any idea of the wrath you just incurred?

Life would have been simple, if we just obeyed his word

Why did you do it Eve, go on … tell me

Hesitantly yet honestly she tells him the story

A snake, really Eve … a snake

That’s who you follow advice from … a snake

Adam looks at the apple, as Eve apologizes

She stops as he asks was it delicious

Quickly regains his composure “no, now isn’t the time”

Eve I wish I could say everything will be fine

I mean he’s nice and all but I don’t think if we’ll repent

He’ll forgive us, cause he doesn’t seem like a 100 percent

His eyes look filled with rage as if he’s looking for an excuse

And you just gave him all he needs to start the abuse

But then again it’s just one apple how bad could it be

It’s not like he will punish us for all eternity

He looks back at the apple, and another word is born “FUCK MAN”

Eve do you know this was that snakes plan

And now our world is about to break

Still don’t understand how you listen to a snake

But what is done is done, what will come will come

How far do you think we’ll get if we run

No, let’s stay and deal with it, I’m sure his punishment will fit the crime

Besides this we’ve been good all this time

He can’t be all that mad all you did was take a sample

Then they hear it “Who the FUCK took one of my apples?”

Oooh shit

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