A picture’s worth

It has a dark and morbid atmosphere

Yet every detail is vividly clear

It’s an old city overcome by decay

The buildings tell the tale of past dismay

Their sides are covered with black spots and rust

At their feet, there are big clouds of dust

The windows are shattered and inside is grey

The sky seems gold, the end of the day

The clouds wear an orange hue, calm and serene

Their lining almost silver, a color rarely seen

Sunset is in the center, shining a bright gold yellow

The flares perfectly placed, going with the overall flow

The city’s surrounded by mountains decorated with trees

And in the far backdrop there’s a hint of the sea

In the forest there’s a red glow giving the hint of fire

Telling us it could grow if it would so desire

Black smoke still rises up from the city

The streets still ablaze as if to ask for pity

Scattered broken cars, looking as if a truck just hit

The mountain hill we’re looking down from has a man on it

With his back to us, we see his black silhouette

Arms by his side, staring at this city of regret

Seems uncaring about the winged beasts coming down

Hundreds of wings letting him know doom is around

Flying above the clouds as an extra black sky

Looking at the state of the city, these must be demons that fly

Where their eyes should be, a red line is seen

Looking at it all it resembles a bad dream

It’s outlined by old bones, connected to each other

The frame to a picture unlike any other

The name plate beneath it, is outlined by a black frame

A small light shining on it, reveals the name

“Apocalypse comes” is the title of this piece

A future image or fantasy, speculation won’t cease


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