Today is the day the moment of truth is near

Their wedding day is finally here

They are going to seal a love to true

Keeps pacing back and forth repeating “I do, I do, I do”

His entire family and all his friends are present

But her family decided to remain absent

Her cousin withheld the reason, but gave a hint as to why

“It’s not our place to say, but we can’t stand behind a lie”

He wonders of course what the secret may be

But we all have secrets and she makes him happy

She knows exactly how he wants to be treated

Arguments between the two never get too heated

Knows all his spots knows exactly what to do

Damn near perfect, almost too good to be true

She can’t bear children, but hey they’ll adopt

Every time he sees her the world seems to stop

Everything she does makes him feel better as a man

That’s why he stayed, where in other relationships he would’ve ran

Their first kiss was romantic, their first time was insane

Climaxed over and over, till friction turned to pain

She did what he wanted, she gave what he craved

Went from being dominant to being a slave

And now the tux is on and the dress is white

Reserved the most expensive suite for tonight

There is a swan of ice, the catering is sublime

The event seems to roll smooth, everything is on time

The bride’s maids look hideous, the bride looks perfect

It’s been rehearsed and practiced no turning back

Butterflies in his stomach for the step he’s about to take

Cause his vows will be the biggest promise he will ever make

But her pace is different, her face looks pale

Cause a marriage based on a lie is bound to fail

Walks back and forth, pondering to confess or not

To reveal this secret will take all that she’s got

This will be the last chance for her guilt to cease

If it’s not now she will forever hold her peace

She walks to his room and knocks 3 times

She decided to get this off her mind

He told her its bad luck, she said it’s bigger than that

5 minutes before their wedding, the two quietly sat

She started with “I can’t believe we are here”

“Your love and trust is what I hold dear”

“So I have to be honest, before we go on”

“My family isn’t here, cause they think it’s wrong”

“For me to not tell you who I was or who I am” “Let me just flat out say it: I was born a man!”

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