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Tell the damn news

Today a man got shot Yesterday a vial of disease was dropped Tomorrow a bomb will detonate And right now a country is filled with hate She was thrown of the balcony left in a comatose state He went to the church and was violently raped Terrorists are planning something new And your neighbor is…

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Never ending Story

Like flames it licks every inch of my frame My darkness has grown it now chants my name Alluring, its sweet nothingness is beckoning The restraints within the abyss are less than nothing The shackles of reality will kiss the floor Wings of dark feathers will let me soar Forced will be a term banned…

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Scattered Frame

Beautiful horrid defying but loss screams but silent Whispers in a crowd Love by law, nature by rule Timed with patience, in an endless fool Don’t win yet forsake all, fall but call when you hit Forget the pain jump past rope Burn the look Ice the cold Kiss the cheeks Mind uneasy fingers move…

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I’m so insecure

No one will ever love the true me No one will ever see my past as a thing of beauty No one will ever see my flaws, as what makes me perfect No one will ever see how bad the inside of my soul is wrecked I will always be forsaken by the ones I…

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Craving Touch

Sensation through warmth, excitement through calm Absolute perfection held in a flawed palm Intimacy through touch, painted with a new brush Shivers turn to shudders, as the end comes ever closer Awake in a dream of US, drunk … hoping to not become sober Intoxicated by your scent mesmerized by your taste Concentrated on the…

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The beauty of solitude

The subtle chirping fills my room with a unique melody The passing cars seem empty I am alone and I love it I revel in the silence of my mind I adore the space created by what I left behind I caress the darkness in the gap And whisper “I wish I never had to…

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