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My mind

Words can’t express the storms my mind creates I will not accept my life is my own creation so it must be fate That I have seen what I have seen That I can only find peace in a dream When awake I feel a rage not known to me When awake I want to…

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The mushroom cloud behind the minivan

Verse Scattered within my mind are a wide array of sentences An extensive box of melodies, a vast collection of images They are the source of what makes me, the all to the glimpse that you see These are the layers of my insanity … “Impossible is nothing but a small alley, in a vast…

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The words of a broken fallacy, shine through my fingers As I seek company, the stench of loneliness lingers It’s perfume an attack on the senses Strolling in a forgotten world, and all I have is this My pen My pad The days where time sided with me We’re honestly a long forgotten memory Until…

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Learning Process

To miserably fail is to greatly succeed Warning aren’t always meant to heed Falling is needed for us to rise Experience isn’t given to one who never tries Thinking should be applied as one moves along Standing still to contemplate to me is wrong Overthinking will prohibit action For fire we need friction And for…

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A crush

I sneak in a glance or two hoping she won’t catch me I listen to her voice it’s sweet yet sexy Watch her walk past me, imagine her when I’m alone She would make any place a happy home Her cute bottom lip simply asking for a bite Her fragrance makes a hard day seem…

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I miss it

I miss the days were fun was essential Where enjoying myself stood central And my name wasn’t synonymous with give bills to Eat, sleep, play and homework all I had to do My consoles and I were as intimate as any couple My gears were topped and my dragons were double When girls became real,…

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