I have waited for my day to come

I hoped it would be fun

To go through the wind at top speed

A small push is all I need

I feel like my time is near

Most of my friends are no longer here

We were close, most likely will never meet again

They all went as fast as they can

But what is flying at top speed without a goal

What is power without control

Luckily I have one

I will thank him for all he’s done

Carved his name into my skin

It was a painful thing

But I have to thank him

If I didn’t it would be the rudest thing

Come at him at full speed and give him a hug

Let him know, he is my favorite thug

Here it comes, the signal is about to blow

Yes, yes here it is “GO”

I’m telling you sparks saw me off

The noise of the world turned soft

All I could hear was the wind passing me by

So this is my top speed, I’m so happy I could cry

I just want to hug the one I’m destined to see

Its fate, it’s foretold, its him and me

I will stick with him, till death do us apart

I want to forever stay in his heart

The people I pass by are nothing more than empty faces

I’m so happy I’m finally going places

But where is he, where is the one I’m supposed to be with

Till I find him, I’m unable to quit

There he is, I found him, we can be together

Once I hug him I will feel so much better

He is coming closer and closer, I can almost smell him

Just a split second more, and he can feel the love I have to bring

Yes, yes here it is … noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I passed him by, now time suddenly moves slow

Every second that passes he moves further away

My hopes and ambitions have become nothing today

Yet I’m unable to turn and my speed won’t slow down

I was meant to be with him, but he’s no longer around

So where am I going now, where will I end up

No idea where I’m going, I’m all out of luck

This can’t be right, she is right in my path

But she isn’t the one destined for my wrath

She is like 5 years old, this can’t be right

I have to stop, I will use all my might

It was no use …

A stray bullet killed a 5 year old girl

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