The beauty of power

Finally my slumber was peacefully quiet
I awake to the dawn yet try to deny it
The enticing screams which had filled my dreams
Avoided the scenes or so it does seem
There were no dark nightmares to haunt my vision
Stare at the dark ask my eyes permission
To view if the wood resembles my memory
“Ever changing to ones cruelest fantasy”
Those words now run through my marrow and bone
A chilling cold whispers I’m not alone
So now fear holds my trembling eyelids in place
As a death blowing wind dances on my face
My thoughts collect and reflect for me the past
Where dreams and reality constantly clashed

I was haunted by the grip of a forest enchanted
Into my dreams it did slip deemed by him as dark magic
That old traveler … given the position of village wise man
Rumors say he went to hell and back thus knowing the devils plan
“The forest is a portal, but demons can’t simply rush through the gate”
“They need fear and menace or at least one with a raging dormant hate”
I don’t believe you I ranted every chance I had
Their one argument “it’s true” pleading please don’t make him mad
For years this continued I grew disgusted by their fear
They sacrificed goats for something which was never real clear
So after a decade of blood was spilled in vain
I was forced in the mud and he whispered my name
God grew weary of goats and he wanted a human life
A preferable atheist who was without a wife
And for all my ranting I was the perfect choice
Every time he was put down it was my voice
So I was banned exiled outcast to never return
Few had gone before me fate made it to be my turn
Pushed into the forest to fend for myself
Not a single word not even take care of yourself
Those that went before me out of courage they went
I lacked that same inspiration … no I was sent
So after a few hours walk into a place where the sun doesn’t shine
I laid my head on a bed of leaves to ease and relieve my mind
Sleep came quick but so did awakening
My body reacted to something approaching
But as I am sure it’s right before me I’m scared to behold it
It’s heavily breathing as if it’s unable to control it
My rage my disgust are gone but fear does stick
As I hear a voice say in 3 tones “YOU” my eyes open quick
My pupils adjust to the image as I hold my breath
The image is now clear this visage is death

As the horse fully staggers my heart feels pierced by daggers
Anxiety now bites onto my heart like a rabbit badger
Adrenaline pumps through my veins
As all my vessels experience pains
Again he says it 3 tones “YOU”
As my head pounds the same words “what to do”
As I reach my zenith of what I can bare
Raise my body but the windows of my soul still stare
It feels as if this beast is familiar as his fire fills the air
I now recognize it … this IS my nightmare

Sorry old man for all the times I spoke ill of you
This is something I never again will do
I came to my senses after passing out in the cold
My outside sleep made me see truth is in what you told
So never again will I try to undermine your authority
So what I’m trying to say is can you please forgive me

Finally his words will now never again be bold
I still hold my power I still maintain control
The herbs still have effect I do so love natures wealth
Now that he is subdued I can put the bottle back on the shelf
A sage a sorcerer … at my every word they cower
If they only knew I’m just a old man who loves power

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