Multiple Stories in 1

John was a drunken psychopath filled with a wrath unknown to him

Forgetting the reason was the effect of his drinking

He would beat his wife at the merest hint of strife

Strike her until she was an inch away from losing her life

Shirley was a beautiful girl who would have received the world

From admirers who fell in love with her radiance like a pearl

Were it not for her abuse as a child her character would not be as wild

She wouldn’t be such a slut and her anger for herself would be mild

Erik was war veteran who had seen death one too many times

As he tried to lose his mind in drugs his sanity was left behind

So now he wanders the streets looking for a quick fix

A bum reduced to nothing living only for his drug kicks

Stephanie was a born princess spoiled to the bone

Mom and dad were never home her kindness a dark stone

She spent money as if it helped her to drown her lone pain

Became depressed as she finds out that AIDS found its way in her veins

Steve was a fighter by profession and his child was his succession

And as his last fight struck him down with a concussion

He hated the sport but his child believed in his fighting style

His dad in his rage tested his child and he killed him with a smile

Lillian was born with nothing and raised in war

Before she could walk she received her first scar

As she tries to make sense of her surroundings

At the age of 5, she died as a bomb found her surroundings

Alex was a prodigy of intellect

Every mathematical issue or problem he could dissect

The pressure to perform got to him and now he does sing

Of numbers and calculations in the loony bin

Daisy was a normal child with a normal childhood

She was also living proof that this wasn’t always good

As she drowned in the sea which was her own commonness

She murdered 15 people and left one as a witness

The tales told all unfold the fact that the track we are at

Isn’t one where you can easily say I’ll stay on that

Changes will make you worry and even pissed

Which reinforces the fact that a happy ending doesn’t exist

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