Henry Hudson Trilogy part I: Hudson’s tale

A Pioneers Tale

The wave’s crash, thunder roars and rain pours

As the Halve Maen is steadily following its course

Its sails commissioned by the business driven V.O.C.

Its hull once again tries to challenge the unforgiving sea

It’s captain, a man unyielding in his pursuit of a dream

His plan was to find an unknown ocean seam

That would bring the orient closer and validate his drive to explore

But the core of his crew grew ever sorer

Their spirits heavy, morale would steadily deplore

Due to fighting arctic winds and surviving grave storms

Until one night Henry Hudson would find himself locked in the devils horns

Rage exploded, sanity eroded

The hierarchy of peace has now corroded

Whispers in the quarters of silent dismay

As anger reaches its border it creates a display

The screams of mutiny filled the night

The clashing of swords under the moonlight

Create a dance of sparks that twiddle ever so elegantly

As if oblivious to this violent part in history

The crew won their battle, reclaiming the freedom they missed

Hudson’s price was that he was set adrift

To forever sail and explore the sea alone

An eternity has passed and his body is long gone

But for the sake of this story, we will bring back his soul

His spirit, his drive, yes, for now, he is alive

He will once again set sail excluding a possible fail

We will wander through his mind as we hang from the ships rail

What would he think and what would he see

If in 2009 he would once again dance with the sea

A Pioneers View

The Halve Maen sits in Amsterdam’s bay

Ready to depart to engage in a fray

Of a ballet of waves and sails entwined

Henry Hudson stares, lost in his own mind

“Once again to sea and a horizon endless”

He turns around as the skyline turns crimson

He stares at Amsterdam the place of tolerance

“This city’s promise is of extreme importance”

“I’ll carry it with me to any new bay that I may find”

“Freedom of choice is a right I will not leave behind”

“Cultural diversity and a relaxed atmosphere”

“All the residents hold this city very dear”

“A reduced red light district and non-smoking locations”

“Still brings tourists without any hesitation”

“Care for those who need, the elderly plead they heed”

“And still a queen to sail for is there a better deed”

“Business-driven and an innovative culture as well”

“Only their tax system is a point I wouldn’t try to sell”

“But it’s time to be off, there are new dreams to claim”

“New locations to see, no sight will be the same”

“I will reach a new shore”

“I’ll see what the unknown has in store”

“This world offers endless adventures, just know what you are looking for”

His flag is run up, signaling all preparations are done

His mind is made up, as he says: “New York, here I come”

The waves go apart as the ship starts its trip

He turns around one more time as it escapes his lip

“Seldom do you see a city so romantic”

The trip to the new world was without problems or delay

A single man in a single boat will arrive in New York’s bay

And on his trip, his mind wanders to what he might encounter

He only sees the future and not his past flounder

The New World

I had heard the absurd notion, that with pure devotion and sincere emotion

You will be able to drink of an enticing potion

Called the American Dream

And it would seem, that the steam, coming off of this unclean vision

Has become a mission for all those wishing for their own rendition

Of being a star

Music, Films and overall pop culture

Are drenched in the image of a created sculpture 


So many fantasies revolve around the pictures on TV

This is something for myself I will need to see

I doubt that it can be true, a government so untrue

That it will ignore the homeless and overall not have a clue

Of the deeds of its enforcers, it’s politicians and lawyers

The racism of those up in high ranked positions

A complete entertainment based entity

The American culture adores their TV

Rates amusement higher than improving education

A greedy warmonger with profit as its dedication

Yet it attracts millions as it is still the standard many wish to live by

The truth of 9.11 is something they will always deny

A cynical view this much is true I must admit

But an objective view, I will maintain to this I must commit

There on the horizon, it’s slowly climbing in my sight, what a beauty

Observe this city, and its culture it’s my duty

The spectacle of skyscrapers and super-sized billboards

Seems like every human need, has been explored

Fast food and fast living as if being slow paced and healthy is unforgiving

Celebrating freedom and also thanksgiving

Entrepreneurship is defined by capital success 

Individual progress has been nurtured to finesse

The dream which is given, the image which is known

Is here, but a soft scent but overseas a strong cologne

The illustration of the culture definitely holds hints of truths

Placing their future on the constant less educated youths

But everything sure is big and everything is in excess

Overall my cynicism is misplaced that is one worry less

The Worlds Possibilities

Realistic is nothing but a small alley in a vast city of possibilities and chance

The romance of meeting the unknown and advance as you glance

At the potential new strategies or new businesses you can create

There are no new worlds to discover but there is always that mind state

To find something new, to act on a mere clue

As long as you wish to improve just stay true to you

The incentive of fame, glory, and money

Is still more hypnotizing than the sweetest honey

 Our ambition now lies with the universe and what it holds

Preserving the earth has finally also become our goal

And thanks to technology, we exchange information

With a speed, that knows no limitation

We are now free to find the truth about whatever we wish

From history to the future to creating your own dish

The world didn’t get smaller our capabilities just grew

And with it, our own restrictions grew askew

The boundaries of what we can discover are now indefinite

Thus our pioneer spirit is more than ready to match it

For all those willing to place their dreams and hope on the line

Henry Hudson’s spirit has not declined over time

It has simply matured and evolved as it grew

This is what he left behind, this is what we value

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