Drop Dead Gorgeous


Shit let me keep running let me stay one step ahead

I know they’re gunning if I slow down I’m dead

Screams of “freeze” fill the air that’s as idle as the scream itself

As he lets loose his yell he must have known it himself

I will not stop I will pursue my freedom

Which cop would not shoot a black man with a gun

So the streets are my way out

“Get out of my way” is what I shout

Not for their safety I couldn’t care less for humanity

But they’re making me move slowly decreasing my pace its intensity

But I am out of the building that was my main priority

But now to get away let me go into that alley

I left 5 dead not my fault they acted up

SHIT a dead end alley I’m fucked

No turning back now it’s too late to talk my way out

I raise my gun so when they turn the corner I let some out

Here they are … … SHIT I missed and my clip is empty

And at the same time, I feel bullets enter into me

6 to be precise breath is leaving its getting dark

Close my eyes feel live leaving me they extinguished my spark


What is this darkness around me

I’m naked in silence I’m filling empty

I scream to a sound that isn’t edible

Nothing visible yet it feels incredible

Between heaven and earth

Before living and my birth

The same place my soul visits its home

Never has tranquility had me alone

But now peace and hope exist in my body

Slowly diminishing my insanity

Rest in my mind wilderness subsiding

Man I love dying

Then the darkness parts slowly but surely

As I see a light in front of me calling me

Float towards it as if life itself is promised again

Now the light takes over me and again I feel like a man


I open my eyes to see nothing but beauty

The sound the air the undeniable intensity

So many here to accompany me

This will be my home for all eternity

I smile and feel at ease as I drop to my knees

Cause the demon that just flew over my head almost hit me

I stand up again and look in pure awe

As I see my mother walking up to me with no jaw

Trying to speak but is unable to

Until a sword drops down and splits her in 2

I look without feeling anything

This is what I do this is my thing

I killed those 5 for breathing my air

I went into that bank cause I didn’t find it fair

That so many could have so much

While I couldn’t get a car or money or such

So death in the worse ways is what I wanted to give

If it was up to me humanity wouldn’t live

I shot 1 through the head the rest screamed and ran out

I shot bullets down to the legs of 4 people they too did shout

I put my shotgun in this dude his mouth blew his brains out

Feeling a joy telling me this is what love is about

I loved doing it I was always a bit crazy

Loved torturing animals and loved a horror movie

So being in hell where every day I get to kill is good

I’m finally in a place where my weird ways will be understood

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