I love to visit this place

Enjoy the smiles on their face

The food primed with emotion

Their laughter filled with devotion

Moments caught hang on walls

Even paintings stand tall

Pictures canvas and a warm feeling

All this makes it harder to be stealing

But I’m required to it’s a necessity

My joy reaches its zenith with this family

I require a small piece to obtain peace

So small things they won’t miss I take along

Put in my room under my pillow I know it’s wrong

But only then will sleep cover me with serenity

Without a remembrance of happy, I’m chased by insanity

Nightmares go away when I hear their music box play

When I touch their picture their memory it tells me it’s ok

Tired off hiding the bruises and pissing blood

Being called useless and misunderstood

Mom and dad both hate me wish I could run away

Questioning why they made me I wanna run away

So the objects became a symbol for what I can’t have

Their dilemmas seem simple at problems they laugh

That small piece I want home even just for the night

I won’t feel so alone even though it ain’t right

But all this I can’t say scared to reveal these thoughts

But even this dream has to stop cause damn I got caught

So sorry is all I can whisper forgiveness is all I can ask

My apologies to you mister and miss excuse my mask

Portraying myself other then truly I am

Tried to display normality as much as I can

Homey I know you know my home situation

The look in your eyes is packed with emotion

Sympathy, pity, everything but hatred

So many things I can say but yet I don’t say it

I sit their silent as the parents ask me why I did it

I look at them with lost eyes and all I can do is admit it

Would rather be cast out then have them think of me differently

Would rather be cussed out then have them look at me with pity

So I say I’m sorry and promise to bring everything back

Give them the necklace which I had put in my backpack

I am truly sorry … those words I honestly mean

I just can’t tell em their stuff gives me the courage to dream

Head down teary eyed I walk home alone

With each step I find myself hoping both my parents are gone

Reach my porch, open the door screams find themselves to me

Ignore the barricade, go to my room and sit quietly

Take the box from under my bed all the words that were said

Swirl and twist in my head slowly making me mad

Screams of mom and dad still fill the house relentlessly

Did this so many times but this feels differently

So again the box goes open the gun goes to my dome

This time, I am alone, this time, there’s no happy home

To look forward to so this is what I have to do

…. Well my would be family I will miss you

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