A letter from …

Ok so seriously, this is how you wish to treat me

Portray me to be a vindictive little baby

Who holds a grudge to such a degree

That innocent bystanders mean nothing to me

Seriously …

I mean Im not saying Im the nicest guy out here

But COME ON, you are just exploiting fear

You cant write anything better than this dribble?

Ill be honest I liked the first one, it was simple

The concept was executed real nicely

I seemed smart, with a bit of wit about me

Intricate little ploys to complete my list

Subtle maneuvers to abuse the little things you missed

It was flattering, and somewhat true

But those points didn’t matter to you

You butchered my image, when it was just getting better

People do most of my work now, I was a trendsetter

I was no longer blamed for all their misery

They could blame each other, I was happy

But then you came along with this streak

Where no offense, the story is just extremely weak

And the focus is on how people go

Some go fast some go slow

But blood, gore, massacre and plain cruelty

Is the theme by which you define your fantasy

As if I go out of my way to make sure its grotesque

To the point that getting a massage is now a risk

Come on!!!

Final destination 1, was just nicely done

Final destination 2, got watched thanks to 1

Final destination 3, never really made it to my memory

Final destination 4, its due to my handicap that I couldn’t snore

Final destination 5, lets just say Im happy no one made it out that movie alive

Each edition made me look worse

Each badly acted scene, was like a devilish curse

It was as if, you set out to piss me off

Im not saying that I am soft

But Im damn sure not the bastard you guys portray

This is for now all I will say

Make another bad movie, and I promise you

I will show you a intricate way of me coming through

You have been warned … damn Hollywood

Never cares about whose feelings it hurts

Sincerely yours

Mal’ak ha-Mashḥit



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