The greatest Love of all

Patience Curtis will be cursive

Edward Williams Will be bold

From whispers of love, this story is told

It’s a storming night a square room with a dimmed light

Holds a relationship whose end is in sight

The clattering of rain, ticking its melody against the window

Cuts through an atmosphere of pain, as one party dies slow

The crushing silence is broken by an angry yell

But I fucking love you, for you, I would go to hell

I would die for you, Cry for you, do it all for you

Yet his words are meaningless even though true

Their sentiment is not the same

Unable to connect cause their love has no name

Lost in a stream of meaningless discussions

Caught in a dream of endless repercussions

Knowing this, she whispers “calm down, please

I know you would climb mountains and swim across seas

Fight any man who dares to put his hand on my body

But the problem lies in when you hold me

Dying is easy, but living only for me, I doubt you can

Going to hell is rare, but open the gates of heaven for me, I doubt you can

“And it’s that uncertainty that drives me crazy”

“Because every maybe makes it hazy”

“For me to visualize a clear picture of us”

“It’s not the quality of your words I don’t trust”

“I know you love me it’s my own heart I doubt”

“Then why not give me a chance to turn it about”

“Cause I doubt I will ever love you as you do me”

“I don’t see a future as WE so let’s leave it be”

As a flash of light enters brought on from the storm

The newly created silence is once again torn

By the shattering sound of a raging thunder

And with his words “this shit makes me wonder”

“Why then all this time keep me on a line”

“This shit did not JUST cross your mind”

“Why not tell me from the beginning what I was getting into”

“Then getting this heartbreak could’ve been avoided too”

“I thought that with time I would change my mind”

“And then love would find me and I could leave doubt behind”

“But I was wrong I’m sorry I can say nothing else”

“You fucking bitch go fuck yourself”

As he slams the door behind him she is left with the rain

Ticking as if each sound is a kiss to take away the pain

As tears roll down her cheek

Her mind softly starts to speak

I never meant to hurt you

I just don’t love you

But liked you enough to give you a chance

It’s not often I get caught by real romance

And if even a lie I still wanted to try

I didn’t want to hurt you nor make you cry

I’m oh so sorry I hope you can forgive me

Just know I will always take your love with me

Love is a sea in which few really fall

But an unanswered love can be the greatest of all

Entangled with pain but excluded from certain strife This just goes to proof there are no happy endings in life

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