I would please the sky with whispers of serenity … I would walk on clouds to obtain a calmness that would equal your kiss … so that I could give it to you so you could see the mind state you put me in … I would delicately rub your pain until it becomes too much to bear and then remove it so that joy itself would sleep in your soul … would that make you feel at ease?

Losing faith in love is a delicate process … I myself stare at my pain and lose myself in the pain that comes forth after I try to touch my pain … I stare at the same moon with the same eyes and tell myself the same lies … I don’t believe in forever because it never lasts longer than goodbye … but for you to even resemble a possibility of a reality parallel to the one I’ve grown accustomed to, for me that is enough

Content wouldn’t be the right word … loving you wouldn’t be the right expression … sex alone wouldn’t help our situation … I don’t want your body I want your heart … I don’t want your mind I want your thoughts … and knowing that you would give me this is heaven in hell … a constant patch of light in a world of darkness … bliss in hard times … the perfect words in a dope rhyme …yes with you, it would be good

Shy is the emotion you awaken … hope is what you make rise … dreams are walking paths forgotten … walls are falling in places where the mind sleeps … corners of darkness in my head are now forcefully shined light upon … to the windows of my soul you are the sun that keeps away, that which is wrong … the distance between, is what keeps us close, weird how we are, yet so simple how we are … screams of silent wishes and lies of honest truth, this is me and you

This is what makes you and me “us” … the safety you feel is what I would call security… because this is what falls on my despair and makes me rest my head on kisses of angels that would sleep in your touch … the safety, that you will never act up or leave me for no legit reason … the sweet words you say and the sweet acts you do make me feel good in a time of loneliness … and your emotions not your heart nor mind will be my witness

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