Can’t help myself


How would it feel, if the world had just stopped?

What would I see if I couldn’t feel a thing?

Would I be gone or could it be wrong?

To not wanting to be here?

But I’m so tired of not having any hope

All I see, is a life of empty


So tell me, why oh why should I try to smile

When inside I’m slowly dying

My tears won’t show, but I need you to know

That I need to let it all go

I want to hurt myself just to see if I’m still alive

But I’m afraid of losing only a part of me … so tell me


I pretend to be happy for the sake of my friends

I pretend to be smiling for the sake of my family

But the mash is slowly fading away

And I’m afraid to show you the true me

Want to hurt the world for making me like this

Peace of mind has become my darkest wish


Jump off a bridge, cut my wrist

Stand on the highway till a speeding car hits

Jump off a building, drug myself to sleep

Or just get a gun and let my mind hit the street

So please tell me


I don’t want to do this no more, no more

I’m so tired

I just want to be free, please let me be

The world is a dark and lonely place

Please let me go, let me be


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