Chapter 2: Sending Reinforcements

The detached room flies through the gate. The damage done by Demo as he awoke is amplified by the forces outside of the ship. Small cracks in the walls turn into giant rifts until the room comes apart entirely. Demo is now flung through the portal without any protection, the forces put so much strain on him that he passes out.

Every gate is a connection between two dimensions. When you travel through the gate you do so at an insanely high speed, so the naked eye would never be able to catch it. But each side of the dimension creates its own tunnel and the two dimensions connect these tunnels into one making it a valid gate. What remains unseen to most is that this connection isn’t perfect. There is actually a slight amount of space between the two tunnels.

As Demo passes through the gate, the tattoo on his chest starts to pulsate every so slowly. As if it recognizes that its in a gate. As it inches closer to the connecting gate, the pulsations become stronger. For a fraction of a second Demo passes through that small space in between the tunnels. But it was right then that the tattoo on his chest sent out what can only be described as a beacon of energy. The space in between tunnels is what some scientists have called the Dark Kynesthia. It was long believed to be empty, until they found a very violent species lives in that space. And it is that species that felt the beacon sent out by Demo.

But just as fast as it came it disappeared. But it was enough to alert them that a gate was open. Demo unaware of all this travels into the next tunnel and after a few moments is spit out of the tunnel at an extremely high speed followed by the debris of his would be ship. The gate opened up near a planet, it was close enough for Demo and the debris to be sucked in by its gravitational pull.

While the debris burned to nothingness, Demo was able to withstand his fiery entry into the planet Numbers.

As Demo makes his way, the opening of a new gate sends shockwaves through the dimension. In a distant section of the Soth dimension, their main base of operations receives the signal sent out by the gate. All the alarms go off.

“A gate opened up!!!”

The leader of the unit stands in shock for a moment.

“How, why, where?”

“Sector 12AC.”

“What is the connection?”

“It seems to be Shenavir, Sir”

“That’s not possible, it’s been empty for over 10 years. Run it again”

“I just did, Sir. And it’s Shenavir.”

The leader baffled by this mystery stands in silence.



“Contact Stitches and have them go and close the gate. Then send word to the Prime Perfect that a gate has opened. And find out who the hell opened that gate.”

A senior staff and a new staff member make their way to the Prime Perfects room.

“Stitches is more than capable of closing the gate. And our soldiers can handle anything that comes out of it. I don’t understand why we have to send the strongest fighter in the universe to help close the gate.”

The old man looks at the young one as they walk.

“What are you? Like 5? I can’t believe you new babies. CLEARLY this was before your time and no one took the time to tell your dumb ass this, because they probably thought you wouldn’t make it this far. It was about 30 years ago, when a gate opened and Stitches went to close it. They also thought they were more than capable. But arrogance brings sloppiness. And they didn’t close the gate completely. They left and that gate was forced back open by those damn monsters. By the time we realized the gate was open again, and that those beasts made their way through, we lost over 6 planets. Billions of innocent lives were lost, it was a complete massacre. And after that, the rule of having the Prime Perfect double check everything was set in place.”

“They never taught us that.”

“What fool would tell you something they are ashamed of, if they can just hide it and act like it never happened?”


They arrive at the door.

“We are here.”

The old man suddenly remembers something.

“Hey dumb baby, you don’t have any cuts or feel like a bloody nose is coming up or anything right?”

“No, why?”


The old man opens up the door. The Prime Perfect KetsuEki sits at his desk reading a book. He looks at the two as they ask to come in. They then brief KetsuEki on the situation.

“Sector 12AC, isn’t that planet Numbers?”

“Indeed, it is, Sir.”

“Is that right? It’s been awhile since I saw the old man. Get my ship and tell them to put all the books I bought this week in there.”

“Uh, excuse me Prime Perfect Sir. Wouldn’t it be faster if you just joined Stitches on their ship?”

KetsuEki folds over as if he has just been punched in the gut, and his hand covers his mouth. He looks at him member with disgust, as if he just proposed the vilest act one can commit.

“Did you just… Old man, can I kill him?”

The senior staff without blinking looks at KetsuEki.

“I would prefer it if you didn’t sir.”

The young staff member freezes as he looks at KetsuEki because he can tell he is dead serious.

“Have you ever travelled with Stitches? They are disgusting. Who in their right mind would travel with those barbaric pieces of filth? They eat their steak raw, they leave cuts unattended for minutes, I heard one of them say they like blood sausages.”

KetsuEki mumbles some more insults as he grabs his umbrella and makes his way to the door. Right before he steps out of the door he stops.

“Make sure to tell the War Council it’s time to convene. We are going to have to have a little talk with Janala.”

The senior looks surprised as he didn’t inform KetsuEki about who might be behind the gate as it hasn’t been verified and confirmed yet.

“How do you know it was them, Sir?”

“Call it a hunch.”

“Is this related to the signal we received from Shenavir after 10 years of nothing?”

KetsuEki looks at the old man with a smile. He immediately bows his head as he understands that he overstepped. KetsuEki places his hand on the man’s shoulder as he passes him.

“Just tell the war council to gather, and tell them I’ll be back once I’m done with the gate.”

KetsuEki puts the umbrella on his shoulder and with a big smile he walks down the hallway towards his ship.

“I bet the old man is going to have a heart attack when he sees me.”

The junior member regained some of his composure as he asks the question.

“Why can’t he tell them himself?”

“KetsuEki doesn’t like being disturbed or talking to people when he is reading. That’s why he takes his ship everywhere because he gets to be alone with his books while he is traveling.”

Chapter 2 Fin

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