Freedom of speech

His speech was the start of this war

A political rising star

He pressed buttons best left untouched

Our right of existence crushed

We were rushed to dark spots to hide

Our freedom of speech denied

Instead we were burned, erased, killed

Regardless of the role we filled

He promised to take down the bad

The vaguest law we ever had

Cause its description changed daily

Then society turned crazy

Our rights were set to a pause

We were blamed for the world, its flaws

We became hunted outcasts

Death, mayhem, it all went so fast

I remember how they broke in

As if it was a normal thing

Grabbed us, the neighbors just looked

A pointed finger, all it took

Scapegoats placed outside true justice

Fear based rules, what order is this

Forced into jails made for garbage

With no dignity to salvage

Placed together in a dark place

No space in between, face to face

Our blood could not breathe at all

Our hearts could not beat at all

No longer could we tell past tales

Inform minds on its future fails

Share the wisdom of free thinking

They ignore what we are bringing

The real goal is to kill us all

There is no help that we can call

This situation is absurd

But he declared war on words

If it was written or spoken

There should not be a rule broken

Because that will mean punishment

The guards of words will then be sent

Book, blog, newspaper, magazine

They will never again be seen

A world without words that are free

Is one where life remains empty

Locked away and burned on a pile

While that psychopath wears a smile

It started with his speech

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