Feel like I’m caught in the sickest game a mind can play

These four walls seem to be closing in everyday

Keep losing track of time, every day is the same

This routine of captivity will drive me insane

Three meals a day and from time to time it gets cleaned

Shit in the room where I sleep, starting to feel like a fiend

It’s disgusting no one should have to live like this

Could name a million things but its freedom I mostly miss

Freedom to choose my food, freedom to see new things

Freedom to experience adventures and see what life brings

Instead I bang my head against a wall that won’t move

Life lost all meaning, I have nothing more to prove

My tears disappear in the pain in which I swim

I can feel it’s my mind I’m slowly losing

My guard looks at me, with a face as if we’re cool

Its proof of the fact that he takes me for a fool

I remember the past, my mind and body were free

Everyday peaceful yes I was truly happy

Girlfriends by the dozens each one a beauty

Refused to be tied down, there were a lot of fish in the sea

But look at me now, sad and all alone

With four walls and a shitty looking bed to call my own

Captured, kidnapped, incarcerated whatever the term

I’m here against my will, patiently waiting for my turn

To receive deaths touch, or maybe I should just give it up

And end it myself, I’ve clearly run out of luck

I’m in a manmade hell called solitary confinement

My guard is too dumb to notice when I’m being defiant

I feel like I’m going round in circles and truthfully I am

But that is what he wants that is his plan

To see me breaking down to see me lose it

Until that day his torture won’t quit

He won’t let me go no matter how I beg or plea

I’m certain that he is out to kill me

But Ill return to where I’m from, if it’s the last thing I do

You hear me you bastard, if need be I will kill you

No one can hear him talk his screams are in vain

He is right the guard simply doesn’t see his pain

But the guard loves him that much is a fact

And if it’s up to him, he will never send him back

But true common ground between the two will always stay blank Because the guard is an owner of a fish in a fish tank

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