For one minute I wish we could switch places

Teary eyed, hands shaking I hate this feeling

Secretly hopefully still wishing I’m dreaming

Broken images collect them self in my memory

Feels like this burden I alone can carry

But oh how this one image haunts me

Forcing its self on me the image of how you left me

Driving me crazy cause lately maybe is talking to me

If I’d have been there the difference in this story

We were supposed to meet forever … I will not cry

But it seems forever doesn’t last longer than goodbye

The short time we spent was bliss on its own

You left me behind never have I felt so alone

An invisible dagger pierced my heart

An unseen force now holds us apart

Biting my under lip to keep the screams down

Drowning in this bottomless pit with no sound

Remorse my only friend regret now my voice

I’m lost and alone you’ve left me no choice

You were one part of me that was clean … innocent

I brought a rose for every year of life you have spent

A single rose for a single year

A single sorry traded for a single tear

Can’t believe you fell 6 stories down to meet your faith

Towards you only love but to one another only hate

The truth had come out I knew it would in time

She cheated so did I we finally got it off our mind

But then she said some that dragged me across the line

She said that this baby might not be mine

Voices were raised things were thrown things were said

Lost eyesight of you and now you’re dead

I just saw your little feet as you fell out that window

Saw how you fell down with both my hands out the window

That led to the darkness in front of my eyes

But what they told me must be lies

I did not plan anything I will hear nothing of this first degree

We didn’t fight a lot so benefit of the doubt was given to me

They said I flipped said I threw her out after the baby

I said she slipped after the fight went a little bit crazy

But to be honest I don’t remember, the darkness took over

When I came to, the fight and rage were over

I was left alone in a room filled with both your fragrance

Just to find myself wondering about the origin of this presence

If I am to blame I’m so sorry no words can describe it

But both you left me feeling like shit

I hate both of you for taking away the only family I knew

Scream at your tombstones this feels right to do

“You left me here without a clue fuck am I supposed to do”

“I’m nothing without the two of you”

Until an old man asks me “the hell, is wrong with you” With a tear on my cheek, I say “lemme explain it to you”

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