The Geek

Man last night was the fucking best

Finally that burden I carried found rest

No longer part of that pathetic click

I found my swagger …I’m SO the shit

I had sex and it was unbelievable

Fucking awesome even incredible

My self-respect is soaring where it used to sleep

I can now say I’m scoring those words were once buried deep

I will not be treated the same as before

Disrespect I will accept no more

I am a man now but not yet crazy

Fighting my bully could proof deadly

So instead I will pay someone stronger

To make sure I can live a little longer

And let my hired help also say not to fuck with me

That will keep me safe from punches and agony

I have to thank sex for this idea

Because sex made my head clear

The Jock

Shit … 100 bucks to mess the bully up

Hell yeah for that price I’ll really fuck him up

Cracked ribs or fractured spine

For that kind of money I’ll take my time

Tell him not to fuck with you his bullying days are through

But next to the 100 there is something I need you to do

I got this homework I can’t figure out

I know you know what it’s about

So have it done before Friday

And I’ll fix your little bully problem O.K.???

The Bully

My body hurts all over never have I felt so weak

How the hell did he become friends with that geek

I had better leave him alone from now on

But bullying him made me feel strong

Because my home situation causes frustration

Which leads to irritation so without hesitation

I try to solve it with fists to cause devastation

I suspect my mom of the worst thing possible

That feeling in my gut feels just horrible

So in school, I commit physical actions

As I hit I drown myself in their reactions

Try to kick and punch my emotions away

If one would ever closely look at that display

A tear they would see

Yet no one takes the time to get to know me

The Prostitute

I think my son knows my profession

The bruises I hide alone are a confession

He pays close attention to my behavior

He still thinks he is his mother’s savior

But being a ho puts easy money in our pockets

I wish I could take his eyes out of his sockets

So he wouldn’t have to see what I be

If he would have it verified he would go crazy

And I kinda messed up last week

I was on a straight loser streak

My disguise could now become weak

If one of my clients lets the truth leak

I should have never taken the virginity from that geek

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