Sitting On …

Sitting on a mountain of words scared to get up

Sitting on memories given to me by life

Fortunate to have words slowly running out of luck

Haunted by the past, for a better future I strive

Sitting on scars placed deep within my heart

Sitting on a box I try to forget

A search for band aids, unaware of where to start

Wandering in a dark room, blowout every candle lit

Sitting on suicide a tricky bastard at the least

Sitting on tears hope they don’t escape from me

Claw marks on my chest I have danced with the beast

Conversations with each, not swayed by honesty

Sitting on urges and drives

Sitting on lies given and untold

I swim in the pool where my hope dies

I live by half-truths and watch schemes unfold

Sitting on time blindfolded and tied

Sitting on dreams and hopes yet alive

A constant struggle where each odd is defied

Voice of reason replaced by a beehive

Sitting on skills untouched and creativity untapped

Sitting on friendships and bonds laid to rest

Seen the shores of limitations, but its land unmapped

Failed comradery, the test of time it couldn’t best

Sitting on myself in the mind of me

Sitting on my health, unbothered by its state

Lost in my self made maze, they call me crazy

Too early to retire, but to peak I’m too late

Sitting on poems, but as I sit I write

Sitting on pieces, waiting to get up and get behind a mic

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