Money issues

Money isn’t everything or so they say

That must have been made up by people who weren’t broke everyday

Who don’t have to do math in their head

Counting up the groceries in their bag

This should be about 20, I should have 21 in my account

I should be safe if I calculated the right amount

But the end and the beginning of the month are shaky

They deduct without warning making my math flaky

It started when I was 18, got my first bill in the mail

And thanks to them motherfu…, now every month without fail

Some one new finds me to tell me I owe them money

The government, health insurance, they love to take it from me

Every time I have a little bit of funds saved up

On cue I swear to you my luck gives up

A blue envelope telling me about unpaid taxed

Bill collector’s red telling me they need this

Or the TV broke down and the refrigerator broke

Have to fix my ride all it does is choke

This is the reality of working to pay bills

Needing money is a gap that for some reason money never fills

It’s always a few that tell you don’t worry about it lets just go

Then when you get there they act like they don’t know you broke so you still pay for yourself

It’s a bitch I tell you, but what is there to do when money and you act as if your relationship’s threw?

So you go on a date with next month’s money

But that bitch has a little surprise for me

Debt, she passes it on like a V.D.

And I keep messing with debt, so it always comes back to me

I got money issues

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