Millionaire Businessman on coke

So what are you people trying to say

And why am I being put on display

George stay calm look we are all friends here

Take it easy we just want to make this clear

We know about your habit and you need to quit

Cause its scary shit when you wipe sperm from ya lip

That was just one time so what are you trying to say

George, it’s scary because we know you ain’t gay

Well I didn’t have any more pocket money

And my credit cards were acting funny

And I needed to get something to eat

And it was late and across the street

There was this hot dog vendor who was selling some meat

George, please remain in your seat

The reason ya credit cards are acting funny is cause you maxed them out

And getting food by sucking dick just doesn’t sound like the right route

Fuck do you know bob your rich you don’t know hungry

George, you’re a millionaire too …you have money

But your wife canceled your access before shit went wrong

After she received a call that the furniture in your office was gone

Well my desk got on my nerves and my seat got uncomfortable

So you sell everything which isn’t yours is that sensible

Or what about the time you took a shit in the elevator

I had the bubble guts sorry … I couldn’t do it any later

George, there were people in there with you

BUBBLE GUTS BOB!!! Fuck was I to do

So what about when you robbed my kid for his lunch money

We settled it then … that wasn’t me you dummy

What was settled then were the police charges

He picked you out the lineup we want you to be cautious

With your life your money and also your career

What the fuck do you mean …. I hold my money dear

Look, Denise, you’re really getting on my nerves with this shit

Look, George, I should hit you in the face with a brick

For doing what you did to my child

That wasn’t me Denise so stop acting wild

Ok George what about when I saw you on the corner

Singing tunes with your hat up asking for a quarter

DAMN Harry that was an experiment I told you so

Marketing department came up with it so let it go

I did them a favor that’s what some people do

Ok what about when you called asking me to buy a shoe from you

DAMN Richard, you said yes so why you telling lies

George when you brought em they weren’t even my size

Man, just take the sole out and you can wear em … easy

GEORGE come on … they were shoes made for a baby

Man you’re just too picky that’s your whole problem

All of you stay out my business I myself will stop em

George, I’m your wife we said we’d share our life

But right now you’re fucking up

We’re in a pit and were stuck

No way out and you know what I’m talking about

But your addiction has caused friction

In a marriage which seemed fiction

I have AIDS and I got it from you

George, I mother fucking hate you

Huh wait are you telling me I’m also infected

Can’t be all my needles are new and disinfected

And I haven’t cheated on you so that can’t be it

But hold up wait a minute there was this dick

I vaguely remember when I passed out somewhere

My ass really hurt … but back then I didn’t really care

When was that again … remember is what I must do

Richard wasn’t it when I brought them shoes for you

*Richard looks pale and says*   I gotta go

*George screams* oh HEEEEELL no I gotta stop doing crack

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