Love is so easy

If you have nothing, I will give you everything
If the sky won’t let up with the tears it drops, let me cover you
When the waves of regret are close to drowning you, take my hand
When the sun is taking too long to come up, let me write you some light
If the darkness refuses to let go of you, let my heart convince him
If the pain is about to break you, let my soul heal everything
Take me when you feel you don’t have enough
Use my hands when you can’t find the edges of hope
Use my lungs if despair has filled yours with smoke
Let my love hug you when you’re cold
Let my words counter the lies that are told
If everyone tells you “You can’t do it”, let’s work together to prove them wrong
If there is no one in your corner, let me show you that my shoulder is eternally strong
If black and white are spinning too fast, let me be the centre that holds it together
When your fever is running amok, let me kiss you till you feel better
I just want to show you that it can be real
I want to feel what it feels like to “feel”
Let me write poems that will articulate feelings that have been neglected
Let me paint a story with words so pure the paint itself will tell you I meant it
Make life feel guilty for not living up to its promise
And let “us” be the beginning of a never-ending story
Let our love carry us into eternity and intertwine with the lost pages of history
Let our love be the greatest yet and have our story be its own legacy

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