In between breaks

Morning preparation for a day filled with words

Abandoned by understanding, a clash of two worlds

Uniforms prance to show their link

As formality is used to hide what you think

Politeness a tool which could be used by any fool

As instructed by every fiber in my body, I remain cool

Unanswered questions twiddle in the winds of new

No lines to read between, comfort is now through


Enlightening minds educating the young

The song to herald in new experiences has been sung

In front on display, repeating what I say

An echo repeated every day


Up front, away, bow, return, talk

Speech, bow, walk away, return, once again walk

Now wait to commence, let expectations be past tense

Relieve anxiety retire trying to make sense

Enjoy words spoken and those left unsaid

Take pride leaving stereotypes shattered

The journey, the love is all that mattered


Rain drenches the field, no cover for me to wield

The unknown the un-tasted no choice but to yield

Kiss the sky with lips unscathed by prejudice

Unable to count or measure how long I wanted this


Boredom struck, slow pace taking me back

Slow progress, negative feedback put me off track

Time ticks a melody so cold

My time for weirdness has grown ever so bold

This will be the part remain untold

Patiently waiting for new adventures to unfold

Let the bells ring, let the gongs sound

Let the cannons roar and let the drums pound

Give me something new, better yet something to do

Let the start of a horrid routine please not be true

The breaks grow longer, my resistance shorter

The start of a rut, tell myself please don’t bother

Let time tick let your mind go still

Grab your weapons of choice for there is time to kill

Tell the breaks to cut it out, only expanding what is short

On a mission I’m unable to abort

Damn here comes another one


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