I never thanked you

A tear of pain rolls down a path set by those before him

Moving hands write a tale while my subtle sound becomes slimmer

Screams of agony fill the inside because whispers only enter from the outside

Misery through sound … hope and laughter both died

Now only the sound of writing of the pen becomes clear

Crumbling images shattering noises … this is truly the becoming of his worst fear

As tears make the paper soggy and hard to read

These are not normal words …

Letters seem filled with anger the pen seems to bleed

While its content humble and thankful

But as he writes it … he can hear the words he put down, pound in his skull

“Thank you for being there, Thank you”

“Never again will I feel you, dance with you … I’m going to miss you”

His hands start to shake his eyesight becomes blurry

His desperation takes over compared to this death is not a worry

The candle starts to flicker the rooms darkness suddenly gets a lot thicker

The room starts to fill with sounds of the night as he writes “I will never forget ya”

Medicine left of him … liqueur to the right

Watching a grown man cry … what a destroying sight

He feels my presence yet he tries not to acknowledge me

He acts as if I’m not in the room because he knows soon he will lose me

My arms never left his body my warmth never left his heart

Even though our medium of communication is going away

We will not be torn apart

My memory will be an ocean at which every stream will end

To think our love is only a move away … just a flick of your hand

I will miss you just like I know you will hate to not be with me

I will read you last sentence and then leave you … man breaking up is never easy

“Doctor diagnosed me he broke my will to life

When he said I don’t have much time left”

“Damn I don’t know how to tell you this but music …. I’m going deaf”

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