I miss the days were fun was essential

Where enjoying myself stood central

And my name wasn’t synonymous with give bills to

Eat, sleep, play and homework all I had to do

My consoles and I were as intimate as any couple

My gears were topped and my dragons were double

When girls became real, I did all for a feel

And without any effort on my part there were homemade meals

Had chauffeurs to drive me, several homes to stay at

It might sound corny but I want that back

But you can keep the curfew and the nonsense rules

The forced eating of food, and being treated like a fool

The forced socializing, the lack of privacy

The introducing of girls, other than that give it to me

While you’re at it, bring my innocence, my dreams and hopes too

Going back to being careless, I miss it I do

The actions I would rethink, The deeds I would do over

The places I would go, the nights I would remain sober

The kisses I would have improved, the feelings I wouldn’t have hurt

The grades I would have got, saving my name from the dirt

The things I would have done, the projects I could run

Life would be so different, yup it could be fun

But shoulda, woulda, coulda are for those stuck in the past

The feelings of regret I have long since passed

So regardless of how I miss it, I’ll never downplay what I’ve done

To think it could be better, a train of thought that will never run

Those days are history, made me what I am

However important they will never define who I am

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