Craving Touch

Sensation through warmth, excitement through calm

Absolute perfection held in a flawed palm

Intimacy through touch, painted with a new brush

Shivers turn to shudders, as the end comes ever closer

Awake in a dream of US, drunk … hoping to not become sober

Intoxicated by your scent mesmerized by your taste

Concentrated on the moment unwilling to let any go to waste

Fire tempered through friction, passion doused by affection

Love replaced by pure lust, the world faded … it’s just us

I miss it … I miss you

The validation of arrival, a journey we go through

Candles can burn, as I slowly learn

Every curve, every dimple, every spot, every scar

Time can take a break as I dive in to learn who you are

I am yearning for moments, craving for a break

A feeling I am simply unable to shake

Inside, your hair, your neck, our time

Your body, my feelings yet we are one mind

Greedy, needy, but honest … I want it all

Waiting for our star of opportunity to fall

I am craving a touch

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