Chance after chance

You dreamt we were together

We hoped it would get better, struggled through issues

Your tears were met by tissues

My fears were met by reality

And now the puddle of affection runs empty

Scars run deeper than any vocabulary dare express

The chances for love have just become one less

Shards of dreams lay scattered on a rug of pain

Black tears collected to spell your name

My eyes were shut my ears were closed

My senses were dulled my mind was dozed

All I could see was you and me

The horrors of your actions were nothing compared to your beauty

After each mistake my heart would break

And regain composure for all it would take

Is to revisit the future image of you and me

But a single drop turned it to a picture of a misery

You severed the ties that bound us

Your sole explanation was “it’s enough”

Thus proving again I was wrong to dance

Happiness and I simply have no chance

Impossible for us to return how it used to be

You shattered that perfect reality

Us is no more a closed door

A empty planet with a dark core

We both gave chance after chance tired of doing so

Placing blame upon hurt maybe it’s time to let go

Revisiting our memories only leads to heartache

My puddle ran dry … Love there is no more for you to take

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