Blood Fresh Blood

My heart used to beat to the tunes of her kiss

She knitted a blanket from custom made words to cover with

She embedded me with the strength of ten men

Allowed me to achieve greatness over and over again

But now my veins run dry

Unable to see the silver lining so I don’t even try

My heart used to pound so strong that no matter how long

I would match the speed she flew with

And I dare not forget that I did it all for her

I slayed dragons she held in her past

I swam through the tears she had amassed

I had sword fights with knights who wanted her courtship

The world turned dark as the words sprung from her lip

But as her mouth touched my neck, she promised me she wouldn’t do it

I could feel her teeth sinking in but she promised me she wouldn’t do it

Her breath was a pleasant breeze that took away my fear

As I held her, the vision of my future became clear

And I knew she was a temptress, a decadent and voluptuous succubus

Illustrated through the ages, as she decorated history’s pages

She ran through my mind

Leaving only the spirit of regret behind

She sucked my blood until every last drop was gone

It wasn’t me it was love she treated wrong

She did not rip my heart out, break it or threw it on the floor

It’s still in my chest … it just doesn’t beat anymore

There is no blood to run through it

So blood fresh blood I’m craving it

Ice cubes now run where blood used too

My heart turned cold you could ice skate on it if you wanted too

I still feel her lips as she bit down

And I still remember that first slurping sound


That was a hint that she was about to begin

And as the idiot that I am I told myself it was fear listening

It wasn’t true, my ears were wrong

Told myself my blood wasn’t sweet enough to dine on

I had faith in her, trusted her

Firmly believed that this scenario wouldn’t occur

But this is the beauty of a vampire

A well-educated, well-practiced liar

It will creep into your dreams and comfort you

It will slowly let you believe that lies are true

But the vampire is never to blame

For it cannot help the fact that it inflicts pain

It doesn’t mean to hurt you or leave you without a drop of blood

Often times the vampire is just misunderstood

It feeds so it can survive not to let you die

But tonight she dined on blood that has left more than a few to cry

A beast that drank from necks he has licked clean

A monster that with a smile would enter his victims dreams

So this happening to me is nothing but karma, so I can put my anger on ice

For I promise you this won’t happen twice

I have been given my fangs back, and my eyes now hunt for prey

So all I will say is that today … yes today

I will dine and feast on something good

Yes today I will drink blood fresh blood

That once I had my fill, once I exhausted every thrill

A beat will reappear in a heart once still

I have not given up hope, have not left love behind

Even if I have no blood in me right now eventually I’ll be fine


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