Behind my eyes

I can feel them waiting, anxiously tapping their fingers

I can feel them sitting, silently judging any emotion that lingers

They try to run every time I close

I feel them with every question I pose

Every why, every who, every when or what

They swirl and scream as they twist my gut

I hate them

Every emotion is like a potion urging them to come back

Every memory a footstep with which they can track

They hunt me, lurk in the bushes abiding their time

Patiently waiting for something to trigger that state of mind

Claws at the ready, knives already pulled, guns already drawn

Eager to jump some attack as I yawn

I don’t need them

Time eroded the bars, acid burned down the walls

They smirk as the prison around them falls

Battered and bruised, only so much I can take

The world attacks without fear, unknowing what’s at stake

Surrounded by nothing, they glisten in pale moonlight

An army of tears what a horrid yet sad sight

I see why I have them

Burn them with flames tempered throughout the years

Cut them with knives sharpened with my fears

Drill them with words written in the sky

Castrate than annihilate, please let them die

These tears have no use yet everyday they grow

These tears are drowning everything, I need you to know

That I hate them

Hiding behind my eyes like cowards … how I loathe them

Let them come out, I’ll see them all off … oh how I hate them

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