The disgust that arises from this concept is beyond vile
Consuming this revolting construction will taint any future smile
Calling it repulsive would be a compliment
I would get nauseous if it even came close to my lips
Haunted by nightmares were I forced to swallow it
A hideous concept being perpetuated by a gross sense of taste
The ingredients used have been rendered mere waste
It’s uncivilized that they have been selling this for a while
It’s repugnant and bears a similarity to bile
For who would willingly take a bite of this foul thing?
A vulgar desecration to the inside of this ring
A sickening creation that should never have seen the light of day
A repulsive, abhorrent, simply distasteful way to create dismay
I went to the depths of my creativity
Read every torture method ever used in human history
Spoke to those who have lost the battle for their sanity
But I couldn’t find the thought process,
you would have to go through to create this monstrosity
I am lost; what horrible thing did this man go through?
If it were a lady, what did the world ever do to her?
I feel as if this was nothing more than a ghastly tool for revenge
Twisted into a way to alienate your friends
Imagine the tears shed when the lid flips up and its stench starts to sting
To order this atrocious, wicked piece of excrement is close to bullying

Pizza is beautiful
The process leading up to its completion is crucial
Why would one taint this sacred dish?
As a pizza lover I have but one wish
Respect pizza
Treat it with care
Don’t put things on it that don’t belong there
Toppings are there to enhance the taste
Not ruin it because you want to be “creative”
Freedom is for all
But this should be banned all over the world

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