You love I

You are so sexy, the way you stand there and perform, is heavenly

So self-assured, so confident yet not cocky

The way your pink lips exhale galaxies for me to get lost in

I let go, and float on the flow of your words my mind the ship

The way you create life from a page amazes me every time

I want to hug you for every word, kiss you for every line

Your hair is perfect on every stage I see you on

I’m your number one fan, with me you can’t go wrong

I follow your every show and with each I wish to know

How did you get this good, where do you find your words

You reach me every time so deep it hurts

Your combinations, your wordplay

Your flow and or course what you say

I want to take your letters and build us a ladder to the stars

I want to distill the essence of your pieces, and create you powered cars

Create a diamond plated outfit, so you can shine as your words do

Seriously I’m soooo digging you

Motivated me to write, yes you are the light

Not mine but THE, you should be in every ones sight

Each time I see you its fresh, each time it’s new

Mesmerized no hypnotized by the voodoo that you do

Bought and read the books even read those on your site

You’re sick, twisted even demented but to me you’re just right

The way you move, your body language, everything you do makes me swoon

The things we would do if we were alone in a room

We would write, discuss poetry, your stories and we would write

We would create languages, lives, we would turn darkness into light

Create magic, demons, angels, knights and jesters

We would let evil proper and good fester

You are awesome epic and everything alike

Dude I love you behind the mic

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