What I would do

If you would cry I would be your cheek

If you would smile I would like to be the reason

If the sun would stop I would bless you with compliments until you could take its place

It’s not that I love you but you have a special place in the room which is my mind and my heart

I’ve got secret wishes of fulfilling that love you so seek …

I’ve got special plans to make you scream a dialect forgotten …

If I was to hold you I would make you feel comfort not known by men

Because when I have u I won’t let go

I hope the words you speak are with truth, because the tenderness I would provide, would keep your soul content for the next 5 ages to come.

I would make it my purpose in live to keep your every whim satisfied … your every urge seen to … I would let you see what it means when people say that heaven is just a step away

I can’t place a love supreme in the category of a dream because what you offer me is beyond reality, it is you and me, a connection made in the pits of sexual, tempered in the fire of desire ……

Those alone would make my body speak with yours but instead our minds needed to find each other … but now the body is frail and now the body needs 2 connect.

And I’m so ready to show you the lines to place your piece of the puzzle in

And with that, I would promise you a love so heavenly that only angels could whisper of it. I would have you drown in a pool of perfection which was created by your and my touch combined.

I would have you shut your feelings down just so the body can react to the simplest of kisses. I would ask you to close your eyes so your soul would be able to see that god did make the ultimate, he did make perfection, he did make beauty he just made it in 2 pieces ….. Who are we to refuse a plan so divine … who are we to refuse, to fear, possibly not seeing who could be our mate …

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