She lays on the bed her body emits words unsaid
Her eyes tell tales of adventures not lead
As I ask if she would like a massage
She smiles with a grin that is a homage
To everything that is to come as this is the prelude to fun
As I glance at her back I take a moment and pause
My tongue slides over my bottom lip, her frame the cause

As I warm the oil in my palms I resume my calm
And start to rub her delicate flesh as I think of a psalm
“Thou shall fornicate”
For 15 minutes I maintain my sober state
But as her spine is warm and relaxed
I intend to get drunk on the emotions she tries to mask
I once again grab the oil to continue my hands song
As I glide down to her lower back I feel her thong
Black laced and placed in between cheeks of delight
Music in the back ground our bodies twiddling in the moonlight
I pull down her pants as I see this as a opportune chance
She doesn’t say a word thus saying continue on with the dance
As she lays there with her body shining in nothing but a thong
I now hear the appropriate song
“Case – Sex Games”

I kiss her lower back and make my way up
Im on top of her back as I whisper “I wanna fuck”
She looks me in my eyes I softly kiss her lips
As she slowly but surely gyrates her hips
I follow the melody and kiss her in her neck
One hand slides down to feel if she is wet
As one finger reaches its goal her eyes set a new mood
A glance, a look which cannot be misunderstood
I raise up to take my shirt and pants off
She turns around I get back down her body is so soft
I slowly spread her legs and get in between
I lick the middle of her upper lip a scene to be seen
I slowly let my hands go down to take off her thong
And as if its meant to be another appropriate song
“Joe – Love Scene”

I slowly let the tip of my dick slide up and down
My hips make the movements as I add round and round
With each swirl this girls gets wetter and wetter
Each kiss more passionate each touch gets better and better
She stops kissing, looks me in my eyes and licks her lips
She grabs my hand and removes it from her hips
And while holding my wrist she gets on top
Her body went from warm and glistening to steaming and hot
She kisses my lips, and works her way down
Each step lower is a kiss and she is south bound
And she reaches my navel her hands goes on my chest
She reaches my lower stomach this sensation is the best
She kisses the tip then let her lips slide down
She licks her way back up my heart starts to pound
She spits on my dick and grabs ahold of it
She slowly puts it in her mouth and tries to swallow it
Starting slow hand motions while sucking the tip
She then removes her hands and really tries to swallow the dick
No teeth involved yet her tongue circles around
My enjoyment is displayed as my toes make that cracking sound
Its driving me crazy to the point I need to fuck
I tell her to lay back down my sex drive running a muck
“Silk – Can we make love”

As my hands grab her ass each palm gets a cheek
I lift her hips up to better receive the words my body will speak
As I go in, she grasps for air and bits her lip
I don’t fully go in yet but simply entered just the tip
I pull back and put the tip in just once more
As she puts her nails in my back and says give me more
I now lay my head next to hers and slide all the way in
As my dick is taken in its entirety I lay still
To enjoy this moment and for her to feel me without any friction
Then I am taken by my addiction
And start moving my hips once more
As each thrust reaches her core she tightens her hips
Which makes me pull my head up and kiss her lips
I then lean back and lift her legs up to be on my shoulders
Now each muscles and movement is felt thus creating shivers
I now pump deep and hard to ensure her enjoyment is complete
The sparks between us manifest as our eyes meet
I now sit down and spread her legs to cross my own
I am still inside as I get a upward thrust motion on
In a fast and constant manner to ensure I reach that spot
Over and Over I continue until the pussy starts to feel hot
Her hands grab the sheets and she exhales a breath of joy
A single tear falls down as I stop to let her bask in this joy

I put her on her stomach and get on top
Her body feels so hot I dare not stop
Without any effort my dick slides back in to where he belongs
We have been busy for 15 songs we are now on
“Tank – My body”

As I go up and down back and forth I can feel her enjoy me
Feel me, need me simply adore me
To prove that her coming was not a glitch
I take myself out and tell her lets switch
I put her on her side, one knee up and one leg down
As I get in between and let myself back in
I go deeper than I did before, to see if the kitty should be hurting
She places her hand on my stomach telling me to slow down
Im reaching that wall trying to break it down
I listen and do it slow
Ever so slow
“Robin Thicke – Teach you a lesson”

The pussy is so wet and feels so good
I cant help myself any longer, I need to stay in this mood
I tell her to grab my neck she smiles and does now were set
My hands on her ass elbows under her knees she got as wet as if we just met
As I move forward and back with her body in the air
I move toward the wall she starts to scream but I don’t care
With her back against the wall Im fucking her upwards nice and slow
Biting her under lip saying if it hurts let me know
We move away from the wall I put her on the kitchen sink
Kissing her neck holding her legs “make her cum” is all I can think
With every pump I can feel her twitch
With every kiss I can sense Im scratching that special itch
As she cums on me, I can sense her dripping
“make it last” This is what I am now thinking
I lift her back up and put her down on the floor
I made her cum a couple of times but NOW I WANT MORE
Again I grab her ass to lift it up
This is not love making this right here is a fuck
I pull out and without asking turn her around
Lift her ass up for doggie style get back in and start to pound
Slow then fast I alternate between the two
I go next to her ear and whisper “I love being in you”
Put her back on her back and tell her I want to come together
And as those words leave my lips I swear she just got wetter
Now I pump and pump and I can tell from her breath that she is close
Im drowning in ecstasy and finally overdose
I unload and she screams
Simultaneous orgasm, what a wet dream
I wake up … and there she lay
Innocently asleep yet begging for a instant replay

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