The sun never came out today

Pain in tears agony woven into a tapestry

Drowning in fears swimming in joy’s memory

Kisses on cheeks flash before eyes so weary

Hugs and laughs flee from me leaving  me empty

Walks on paths leading nowhere

Into a pit of darkness I stare

The future whispers back tales of sorrow

Yet to come as I find it hard to swallow

My feelings say’s to run

My body stays in place hands over my face

This cannot be the case sweetness left without a trace

So many words left unspoken

So many promises left broken

Move my lips to speak to the wind but my words go nowhere

My vibrations are too weak to reach an ear let alone one that cares

Alone in the world bound by time and emotion

Her and me nothing but love and emotion

Prays sent to a deity that does not respond in any way

Scream to the entity if he would ever come my way

What’s the use if I lose you nothing to do but be true

To the fact that I would be lost without a clue

I know it’s just time taking its toll

Events beyond my level of control

Powerless steps in a direction leading to rest

Pure heart and honesty you were truly the best

I felt it coming but tried to ignore the pain

Cause the mere hint of it brought forth pain

I will miss you and what you stood for

In this family, you were the core

The glue that kept us together

The laughter that made it all better

So as you now lay in your casket

With a certain fright, I ask it

Will you please look out for me

Cause the sun doesn’t shine anymore for me

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