The price of fame

There were thousands of screaming fans waiting for a glance

From a man who was entranced by music’s romance

Hailed their jubilation as their bodies played their role

Their worries unfold, dancing to the rhythm of his entangled soul

A new artist, yet he feels his spirit getting old

As the connection of love she holds grows ever so cold

He dwells in the memory of this story untold

He reaches for a fan, which beauty struck him as bold

So after the show, he let her know it was cool to go

He let her follow backstage and she did it with a radiant glow

She came because she wanted to

This what scandalous girls do

She belonged to the groupies, dumb, stupid, senseless

No panties on, just to make sure he had easy access

But right before they enter, he tells her to go away

Shocked baffled and stunned she didn’t know what to say

An endless stream of sexual endeavors

To drown the emotional ties which he has severed

The extreme length of denial he will dive into

Is only comparable to the hole he will drive it through

He misses her to an extent where borders don’t count

Whispered her name so many times he lost the amount

Tasted her on his lips smelled her sweet aroma

Ever since that day he feels like he’s in a coma

Practically dies every night due to her absence

Them breaking up just doesn’t make sense

Joy is past tense doesn’t wanna make amends

But this feeling of incompleteness always attends

Every concert every show every interview

Every time he sees her he thinks I want you

The groupie’s smell reminded him of his hell

His mood and erection simultaneously fell

That’s why he told her to leave

Almost asked her not to breath

Cause all his emotions were set to seethe

Ever since he got famous he has been steadily coping

As long as he gets money for singing he has to quit smoking

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