The love of your life

Screams envelop a nightmare based on a dream

I sympathize with unclean hopes I have seen

If’s constructed by maybe’s push me to sleep

Try forgetting the misplaced step in the deep

Death created by human hands, it’s his fault

No empathy my feelings sleep in a vault

Code traceable but unknown hints are left here

I remember parts vivid but it’s not clear

The completed pic standing in front of me

Blurs occurring with pieces I need to see

So important, that sinning takes over my dome

So hatefully I whisper words meant to roam

The entire thing unseen by all but we

No courageous acts performed no way to flee

Now motherless my daughter will seek to blame

An idiot who besmirched trust he did gain

By rendering a mistake his sign of pain

My acceptance will ensure the cease of rain

An eternal fall of empty tears will now stop

Or willingly my body shall cease and stop

No intention of any should it, this be

The liquidness of plasma it still haunts me

It’s covering my person, sting of its scent

Now partner less my heaven asks for rent

I’m unable to redeem the fee I owe

I disabled, no murdered one I love so

The alcohol, the driving, the car and goal

I reminisce on leaving the bar its role

The incident where crashing mine with her car

Is basically no event, there’d be no scar

But memory is vengeful when all help sunk

A drivable car drove by a weak drunk

A family car is driven with a mom’s care

A collision course, deadly and so unfair

Our destiny or perhaps just my dumb luck

Use fantasy to describe where I ran muck

A t-section like crossroad, I came from right

Speed resembling a madman who would race light

I took her life because I wanted to have fun

Liquor and a bad choice, now my life is done

My own daughter hates me relentlessly

She is well within her rights to do so

The truth she does know

My wife went out to look for me

Heard from people at the bar I was drinking whiskey

Knowing I wasn’t a drinker she got scared

Knowing I wasn’t a drinker I said let’s get out of here

Unwilling to listen to advice given to me

Took my own car said I can take care of me

But now the pain of my choices run too deep

Keep me up at night and I can’t sleep

So I take a sip of Bacardi to ease the torment

And there is no one here to sent

But the bottle is empty and I need a new one

After 15 years my sentence is done

I can now again take the car to where I please

And I’m not drunk yet so it’s off to the shop with me

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